Welcome to
Alliance Charter Academy
Kindergarten-12th grade
Public, charter school

ACA High School Program

-Fully accredited high school program
-Courses in multiple content areas
-ACE (Alliance College Experience) Program (open to juniors/seniors)
-Option to take college courses and receive credit
-Credit For Proficiency option

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What is ACA?

● Student Centered
● Teacher Guided
● Parent Supported

Education Specialist

* Partnerships with families and teachers
* Provide guidance and consistency
* Set expectations for student achievement

- Over 46 hours of music instruction available per week
- Choir
- String Orchestra groups
- Chamber groups
- Jazz Choir
- Rock band
- Guitar 1,2,3
- Piano 1 & 2
- Ukulele and Recorder Classes

We play music here


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  • “Curiosity is the engine of achievement.”  -Sir Ken Robinson

    We believe the goal of education is learning.  We recognize that children are diverse, with diverse needs and abilities.  We believe it is our job to fire the flames of curiosity and engage children for a lifetime of learning.

  • At ACA, we believe that a well- rounded child, is a well-rounded adult.  We work collaboratively and communally, teaming with parents, teachers, and staff to stir parts of a child’s soul that may otherwise go untouched.

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Summer Hours:

Monday – Thursday

June 19th – 30th 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

July – Closed

August 1st – 11th 9:00am – 2:00pm

What People Say

  • I can play my violin for hours at ACA!  I love that I can play music and then sing and then go to computer science class. I’m learning all about volcanoes in science right now!  I never want to leave here!

    Katya C., 2nd grade

  • I appreciate the aspect of a teamwork attitude toward the education of my children.  I am able to teach things to my children on my own, as well as utilize the many resources available to me at ACA.  I know my children are different and learn differently.  They need different things.  ACA helps me bridge the gap between my knowledge and abilities and the greater resources on a community level.

    Winona H., mother of 1st and 3rd graders