Alliance Charter Academy individualizes the educational program for each child. Every student is assessed at enrollment for academic levels in math and reading. Parents and students work with teachers and consultants to develop a Personalized Learning Plan for each child to address individual learning needs, styles, and preferences, with the goal of working toward mastery of the Oregon State Content Standards. Teachers are trained in recognizing and teaching to a variety of learning styles to help facilitate learning and guide instruction.

Our foundational belief is that it is critical for educational approaches to create freedom of choice within a given structure. In addition, there are multiple choices regarding the types of curriculum materials to use, kinds of processes required, and end products accepted. A cornerstone of the educational approach is the concept of “a classroom without walls” – the world is a classroom. Personalized educational options include: traditional classroom instruction, independent study, credit for proficiency, small group instruction, home school, community-partnership-based learning, service learning, tutoring, multimedia, internships, online classes, apprenticeships, and college courses.

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Nic Chapin

  With a Masters Degree in Teaching from George Fox University and his Administrator’s License from Concordia University, Nic Chapin not only has the strong educational skills to provide leadership to the staff at Alliance Charter Academy, he has the personal experience of working in a classroom, in partnership with students and other teachers.  When away from ACA, Nic enjoys coaching baseball and watching the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers.
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Barbara Kindler-Gaines

Associate Director
Barbara Gaines worked for Alliance Charter Academy many years as an Education Specialist before taking a leadership role as the Lead ES and now as Associate Director.  She provides current, outcome based training for the Education Specialists at ACA, ensuring that true collaboration and partnering is happening with students and staff.
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Jill Mohr

Associate Director
Jill Mohr has worked at ACA for the past 10 years as the Supervisor of Instruction and as the Associate Director.  Jill received her Master’s in Elementary Education with a focus on educational technology, completed her doctoral coursework in Curriculum and Instruction, and has an administrative license.  Jill directs the Alliance College Experience (ACE) program and supervises teachers in the classroom. Jill homeschooled her own boys for 10 years and believes in the benefits of personalized learning for all students.  Jill enjoys volunteering at homeless shelters, puppy-raising for service dogs organizations, and leading music at her church.  

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