Credit for Proficiency (C4P)

Alliance Charter Academy is pleased to offer students the option to pursue credits through Credit for Proficiency (C4P). C4P gives high school students the option to earn credit by demonstrating proficiency in any given subject. Currently, high school students at ACA have the option to obtain credit through courses of study completed according to the Credit for Proficiency process or skills acquired from prior learning.

Students may elect to complete both core and non-core courses through the C4P option. With the guidance of the student’s ES and the highly qualified department head assigned to the area of study, the student will propose a course of study connected to state standards. Students will earn a number of credits and/or a letter grade based on the breadth and depth of standards covered and by demonstrating proficiency in those standards.

There are many opportunities available for students to pursue their studies. Examples of these include, courses offered on-line, self-designed courses of study using a variety of curriculum (textbooks, professional journals, podcasts, interviews, etc.), meeting with a tutor and/or study group, and using a textbook as the framework for this course of study.