Fundraising Overview

Fundraising Overview

As a public charter school, Alliance Charter Academy receives only 80% of the State School Fund and little to no funds from other available District, State or Federal funds provided to other public schools and students. As a result, we operate with about 50% of funds, so ACA relies on fundraising efforts to help cover its basic operational costs such as mortgage, staff salaries, school safety supplies, technology supplies, classroom supplies, etc.
The purpose of the fundraising events are to raise the amount of fundraising revenue budgeted for each year. The Development office strongly relies on the participation of families in the planning as well as participation in all events.

Main Events
Wild West Auction at the Clackamas River Farm-  October 3rd from 5-9 PM

Great Wolf Lodge Raffle- month of Arpil


Community Fundraising Events

Barnes & Noble Book Fair- December 2015