Graduation Requirements

Receiving Credits

A minimum of 26 credits is required for graduation. A student on a four-year graduation plan needs to earn an average of 6.5 credits per year.

Each on-site high school class at ACA is assigned credit (listed in the course catalog) according to the comprehensiveness of the course of study.

Core credits (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Second Language, the Arts—Dance, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts) can also be awarded through credit-based proficiency (C4P) by completing a C4P Form. The C4P Form must be approved by the relevant department head within the first two weeks of the semester. The body of work must be assessed by the highly qualified department head before the grade and credit will be awarded.

Non-Core credit can also be awarded by the student’s ES through credit-based proficiency (C4P) by completing a C4P Form for Non-Core Credit. Credit will be awarded according to the student’s mastery of Oregon State Standards as evidenced by body of work completed, hourly logs, or other measures deemed appropriate by the ES. (65 hours = .5 credit, 130 hours = 1.0 credit.)


Earning High School Credit Prior to 9th Grade

High School credits can be earned during a student’s 8th grade year if the credits meet the following requirements:

  • The class is a comprehensive core class and would be needed to meet the diploma requirements.
  • The class must be recorded on an 8th grade course worksheet and will be kept in the student’stranscript file.
  • The credit/grade will be awarded during the student’s 11th grade year.
  • If the student transfers to another school, the credit can be added to the student’s transcript prior to 11th grade.Eighth grade students seeking to earn high school credit through credit for proficiency for a comprehensive core home study course, may fill out an “Eighth Grade C4P Petition Form.” The petition will need to be reviewed and approved by the department head prior to the student beginning their course of study.

Commencement Exercises

To participate in the graduation ceremony a student and his or her ES or ACE Advisory must complete a Senior Checklist by May 1st to determine if the student is on track for graduation. When the completed Senior Checklist is approved, the student’s cap and gown and diploma will be ordered and purchased by ACA. Students who do not meet this deadline may still be eligible to receive a diploma but will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Graduation Requirements

Credit Check Sheets according to graduation year are available through your ES. These should be assessed yearly in order to check progress towards meeting the diploma requirements. A student is considered graduated upon completion of his or her final credit needed to meet the diploma requirements.