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PostHeaderIcon Understanding Your Child’s Individual Student Report

Follow the link to a short video that explains what your child’s SBAC score means.



Are you looking for fun and captivating ways to reinforce what your child is learning in math?

Check out for a multitude of great ideas.

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Right Start Math has recently aligned its texts to the CCSS. Check it out. It is a highly effective mix of instruction through manipulatives, reinforcement through activities/games and traditional practice…and kids love the program. Great for both the typical and non-typical learner.

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Follow the link below to see what it is about.

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Are you looking for some guided math practice for the summer? Check out these two short videos about and Khan Academy virtual classrooms. Please email me for more information if you are interested in either. I have passwords and user names for Mobymax and step-by-step directions to lead you through the sign-up process for both.

PostHeaderIcon PAT CCSS Parent Guide to Student Success

Hello Parents,

Below are links to grade specific pamphlets explaining in friendly language both math and ELA standards. Included in the short handouts are helpful suggestions on how parents can reinforce grade level math through everyday family activities.

2012_NPTA_PG-Kindergarten       2012NPTA_PG-1stGrade     2012_NPTA_PG-2ndGrade    2012_NPTA_PG-3rdGrade 2012_NPTA_PG-4thGrade          2012_NPTA_PG-5thGrade      2012_NPTA_PG-6thGrade      2012_NPTA_PG-7thGrade 2012_NPTA_PG-8thGrade             2012_NPTA_PG-HS-MATH

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Telling time can be a tough concept to teach. has thousands of free short videos to get you thinking of new ways to deliver a concept.

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