Mission and Vision

ACA’s Mission

Our mission is to personalize learning through a collaboration of family, community and school;  to nurture the innate curiosity of our students;  ignite their passion for learning; and prepare them for lifelong success.​

ACA’s Vision

Instruction that supports diverse, personalized approaches towards learning:

  • Student-centered, authentic, flexible and creative.
  • Meets diverse educational needs and learning styles (tutors, inquiry-based, field trips, hands-on, mentors).
  • Delivered by positive and enthusiastic teachers who are knowledgeable about their subjects.
  • Student-driven, wherein student assumes responsibility and ownership for his or her education.

Curriculum that supports families with educational resources, guidance and opportunities:

  • Comprehensive and state standards based.
  • Supports diverse educational needs and learning styles.
  • Focuses on student-centered, individualized learning.
  • Incorporates challenging and engaging learning materials and activities.

Assessment that supports diverse and personalized approaches:

  • Ongoing and formative.
  • Assumes high expectations for students.
  • Respects different learning styles by providing a variety of assessment methods.
  • Involves students in goal planning and reflective self-assessment.

Environment is a safe and nurturing learning environment for all community members:

  • Provides opportunities for all students to learn positive academic, social, and life skills.
  • Respects diversity while valuing community goals and partnerships.
  • Safe, fun, and respectful.
  • Inclusive and encouraging of open and honest communication among all students, parents, and staff.
  • Small class sizes and warm, welcoming spaces.
  • Students, parents, and staff work to promote the culture of ACA.