Preschool and Kindergarten Enrichment Staff

ACA Preschool Director — Jilene Modlin

Having hired a majority of the Education Specialists and staff for ACA, Jilene was brought on board to kick start the beginning stage of opening ACA Preschool and hire the initial Lead Instructor and Co-Instructor for the new program.  Working with a team from ACA, the philosophies and design gave direction for Jilene to follow and seek out a new department of staff.  Jilene is an ES, teacher of the Deaf, and homeschooling parent.

ACA Preschool Program Developer  – Karen Downing

Karen is offering ACA Preschool/Kindergarten her expertise of years of experience with Early Childhood Education.  Karen specializes with literature for the very young children and emerging readers, children with special needs, and developing preschool programs.  Karen has worked with several programs and with the Early Childhood programs through the ESD.  Karen will provide continued mentoring for ACA Preschool/Kindergarten while she provides tutoring to other students and homeschools her own daughter.

ACA Preschool Facility Designer — Jennifer Hitchcock

Coming from the library and former position of Early Childhood instruction, Jennifer is coordinating the design of the classrooms and Early Childhood wing.  Jennifer is excited to see the new program incorporating literature with art, science, and the out-of-doors.  When not busy with getting ACA Preschool/Kindergarten up and running, Jennifer is preparing for the fair with her own two homeschooled daughters.

Preschool Lead Instructor – Kerry Wright

My name is Kerry Wright. I have worked with preschool age children for over 15 years.  I have a degree in Early Childhood Development.   I have worked at Christ Church Episcopal Preschool, the YMCA Child Development Center, and Head Start. I have also worked with Kindergarten and First Grade. My husband and I have also spent time traveling to Thailand to work with orphanages and schools in the area.  I enjoy young children very much and love experiencing their excitement as they learn new things.
Kindergarten Enrichment Lead Instructor – Janet Jones

Janet’s Bio:  I have spent twenty years working in various preschool setting with young children. I returned to school to accomplish the goal of becoming licensed in 2008. Most of my preschool teaching experiences were in Head Start classrooms and what I appreciated most about this setting was its strong commitment to family strengthening, not just teaching the student. Parents and family are the child’s first and best teacher. My role as a preschool professional is to enhance the learning experiences of the child. My background education began with an Early Childhood degree followed up by a Bachelors in Human Development and followed by a masters in teaching. I believe that an understanding of development is fundamental to being able to encourage learning and foster growth. Learning should be pure joy, and that happens when a child is developmentally ready to grasp the full concept of the learning experience.

As a teacher I like to be organized and tend to plan more than I need. I would rather have something left over for another day and take a side learning experience with the children if/when it comes. I believe that curiosity should be explored and that a child can learn math, science and literacy in all topics: Children who are engaged in the topic will learn those concepts more fully as their attention is better engaged. I take my philosophy of learning from development theorists like Dr. Haim Ginott who writes about congruent communication which is a respectful way to communicate and in turn shows a child that what they seek to learn is important and that you will foster that experience for them. The preschool classroom should be a safe place to explore and learn.

On a more personal side I am a mother of two young adults. My son is a senior this year and I love watching him play football and basketball and am a Portland Trailblazer fan as well. My daughter is working on a Vet Tech license and has a beautiful one year old daughter, so I guess that makes me a grandmother. I love camping or watching the waves crash on the beach. I enjoy sewing cute little dresses for my granddaughter, and I love to sneak off with a good book, mostly mystery and suspense. I also love the silly adventures created by Maurice Sendak and classics by Margery Williams like The Velveteen Rabbit.

Upcoming Events

10:00 am School Pictures – Retakes
School Pictures – Retakes
Sep 30 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
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10:00 am School Pictures – Retakes
School Pictures – Retakes
Oct 1 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
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