Our High School Program

Alliance Charter Academy has an accredited high school program that provides innovative options for students to earn high school credits.  After reading this module, you will have an understanding of the support system ACA has put in place to meet the needs of high school students and to facilitate their progress toward graduation, college, and careers.

Support for High School Students

High school students have the continued support of an Education Specialist (ES) throughout their high school years. The ES is responsible for monitoring a student’s progress in courses and classes, guiding students in selecting classes appropriate for stated career goals, maintaining and updating transcript information, coordinating resources for the student and family.

Because students learn at different rates and through different methods, ACA offers a variety of ways that our high school students may earn credit.

Onsite Classes

Alliance Charter Academy operates a site-based program to support students who benefit from group instruction.  The optional site-based classes run Monday through Thursday for approximately 30 weeks each school year.  Classes are offered in a variety of subjects and feature mixed-age student groupings that reflect skill level rather than grade level.  The class schedule is determined by student need and interest driven by annual family surveys, school improvement goals, and staff recommendations. Our Monday through Thursday format offers 137 courses totaling 223 hours of class per week.  Core curriculum classes in each subject area are overseen by Highly Qualified Department Heads.

College Enrollment

Students may use their allotment to pay for college tuition.  Although most of our students choose to attend either Portland Community College or Clackamas Community College, some of our students enroll in classes at Portland State University, Mt. Hood Community College, or other universities through online classes.  The credit they earn in these classes will be reflected on their transcripts toward high school graduation requirements.  Some of our students graduate from ACA with a high school diploma and a two-year transfer degree from a community college. ACA and Clackamas Community College’s partnership is designed to support our high school students through credit recovery, in-house classes, and internships.

Credit for Proficiency

Students at ACA may obtain high school credit for courses they have taken at home or for classes they have taken through community vendors.  If a student wants credit for proficiency for a class taken in the past, the student has the option of meeting with our department heads to discuss options.  Each department has specific requirements concerning how often they will meet with the student throughout the semester, the expected body of work to be completed, and how the student will be assessed.  When the student has completed the course of study, he or she meets with the department head to assess competency in the standards and to assign a final grade and credit.

Alliance College Experience (ACE)

ACE provides eligible students the opportunity to experience more academically challenging coursework and to begin earning college credit while still enrolled in high school.  The ACE program:

  • Serves Alliance Charter Academy high school students who have advanced beyond the level of courses offered on-site at ACA.
  • Provides ACA students an opportunity to experience college with the support and oversight of an ACA advisor.
  • Provides ACA students an opportunity to earn concurrent high school/college credit.
  • Facilitates early entry into post-secondary education.

Career Planning

​​To support students in preparing for college selection or a career, ACA employs a part-time guidance counselor to oversee the progress of our high school students toward graduation.  ​Every semester, the ES, student, and counselor meet in order to review the student’s transcripts and to make recommendation for further courses of study.

ACA also subscribes to the online database, Career Information Services (CIS), which helps students explore careers, colleges, and scholarships.​  In addition, ACA offers seminars throughout the year in post-high school planning, college information and scholarship searches, and career fairs.  Although students participate in an internship experience during their senior coursework, we are working on developing community partners in order to provide additional opportunities for students to job shadow and intern throughout their high school years.

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