Our Program

Overview of the Alliance Charter Academy Grades K-12 Model

Alliance Charter Academy is based on the belief that learning best occurs when teaching is focused on the following:

  • Delivery of instruction tailored to each individual student’s needs and multiple intelligence learning styles.
  • One-on-one time with a credentialed teacher.
  • Real-life, context-based learning.
  • Enrichment through field trips, apprenticeships, cooperative classes, technology, etc.
  • Schooling is broadly viewed to include both academic instruction and life experiences.
  • Students are intrinsically motivated. The process of providing interesting, worthwhile learning opportunities will stimulate individual interests.

Alliance Charter Academy individualizes the educational program for each child. Every student is assessed at enrollment for academic levels in math and reading. Parents and students work with teachers and consultants to develop a Personalized Learning Plan for each child to address individual learning needs, styles, and preferences, with the goal of working toward mastery of the Oregon State Content Standards. Teachers are trained in recognizing and teaching to a variety of learning styles to help facilitate learning and guide instruction.

Our foundational belief is that it is critical for educational approaches to create freedom of choice within a given structure. In addition, there are multiple choices regarding the types of curriculum materials to use, kinds of processes required, and end products accepted. A cornerstone of the educational approach is the concept of “a classroom without walls” – the world is a classroom. Personalized educational options include: traditional classroom instruction, independent study, credit for proficiency, small group instruction, home school, community-partnership-based learning, service learning, tutoring, multimedia, internships, online classes, apprenticeships, and college courses.

Standards-Based Program

Oregon State Content Standards are the foundation for implementing the educational program for both elementary and high school students at Alliance Charter Academy. In addition, Oregon State Content Standards serve as the guide for selecting curriculum. ACA complies with ORS 329.045 and maintains control over course content, format, materials and teaching methods. ACA provides a comprehensive instructional program that consists of all content areas measured by the Oregon State assessment system, as well as other elective subjects.

ACA supports its students by offering educational resources, an assigned Education Specialist (ES), and access to a team of licensed or registered staff. Parents and their children work with their ES to determine each student’s unique learning style and unique educational goals and objectives and to integrate an individualized curriculum into a Personalized Learning Plan. The ES and student meet face-to-face weekly. The ES reviews the educational plan and makes adjustments as needed, reviews completed work and the student’s progress in mastering Oregon State Content Standards, makes assignments, collects work samples, and administers assessments as appropriate. The ES is responsible for compiling required documentation on a weekly basis, including verifying that work is aligned to the State Standards and the completed work is equal to, and representative of, the required instructional hours for a particular student’s grade level.

On-Site Classes

Alliance Charter Academy operates a site-based program to support students who benefit from group instruction. The optional site classes run Monday through Thursday for approximately 30 weeks each school year. Classes are offered in a variety of subjects and feature mixed-age student groupings that reflect skill level rather than grade level. The class schedule is determined by student need and interest driven by annual surveys, school improvement goals, and staff recommendations. Our Monday through Thursday format currently offers 137 courses totaling 223 class hours per week. Core curriculum classes in each subject area are overseen by Highly Qualified Department Heads.