Parent Partnerships

Parent Involvement

Alliance Charter Academy was founded by parents. Parents participate in our school at every level, from board member to administrator, from Education Specialist to classroom volunteer. Parents help set the vision for the school, engage in instructional activity, and volunteer in the daily operations of the building. Parents attend classes with their children, and they act as instructors at home, carrying out the plan put into place in conjunction with their student and Education Specialist.

Parents as Educators

At ACA, parents take personal responsibility for implementing curriculum for the home-study portion of a student’s Personal Learning Plan. As the student matures, the student takes on more and more accountability for his or her own learning, while the parent continues as a guide, learning partner, and advocate when necessary. Parents also act as coordinators for academic activities such as Battle of the Books or Destination Imagination, helping to manage teams of students competing in events and raising funds for event travel.

Parents in the Classroom

Parents are often in the classrooms of ACA’s onsite classes. Parents of younger children (grades K-3) are required to attend all onsite classes with their children. Parents of children in grades 4-6 are asked to remain on school property while their children attend onsite classes. At least twice a semester, parents of middle and high-schoolers are asked to attend their children’s onsite classes to foster communication with teachers. Parents are welcome in the classroom at any time, and many of our parents continue to attend classes with their middle and high school students when those students need additional support in the classroom.

Parents as Volunteers

ACA asks families to contribute at least 30 hours of volunteer service to the school each year. On any given day, you will see parents answering phones in the front office, weeding the flower beds in front of the school, or taking out the recycling. These volunteer hours are coordinated and tracked by our Volunteer Coordinator, who is a member of the Parent Action Team.

Parent Action Team

The Parent Action Team, or PAT, is an open group of parents who meet monthly to coordinate the fundraising, event planning, and volunteer needs of the school. Any member of the school community, including students, teachers, administrators, and, of course, parents, may attend meetings and participate in PAT activities. PAT, in conjunction with the Development Office, oversee the fundraising calendar, distributes funds for purchases that benefit the school as a whole, and organizes events such as the Semester Showcase, Graduation Ceremonies, Field Day, and Back to School Picnic.​