ParentVue Activation 

Synergy ParentVUE is a web-based tool that gives you the ability to monitor your student’s progress online.


Getting Started with ParentVue:

1. From a computer, please visit to login.

2. Click on “I am a Parent” and then “I have an activation key…”

3. Please read the Agreement and then click “I Accept” to continue.

4. Use the following information found on your Activation Key to create your ParentVue Account:

  • First name:    Jane
  • Last name: Doe
  • Activation key:   *******

Note: You must use the exact name as indicated in your Activation Key for the login to work.

5. You should now be able to enter the portal and review your student’s information.


Getting Help:
If you require additional support view the ParentVue Tutorial (PDF)  or call the main office at 503-785-8556.


Additional Information:

What’s available with ParentVUE?
ParentVUE currently allows you to view the following information about your student(s):

  • Attendance
  • Demographics
  • Grades
  • Class Schedule
  • And More

What if I have multiple students?
If you have more than one student at Oregon City Schools, you will be able to access all your students’ information through one login. If you do not see your student’s information in ParentVUE, please contact your student’s school.