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Outdoor Play

Located just outside the doors of our school is a beautiful meadow area, blacktop for cycle races, playground equipment, and a huge covered structure for outdoor rainy day recess. Outdoor time is essential, so every child has a pair of rain boots and rain jacket waiting for hikes or puddle jumping. Throughout the year, the class will be developing their own gardens and exploring the meadow and forest.

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Literature is incorporated throughout the week with special themed books being selected for group story times. Quiet reading sessions and trips to the school library are imbedded into the weekly schedule. Although learning to read is greatly encouraged, each child will be allowed to begin their reading instruction under the guidance of their parent and in the tradition of their family’s homeschooling style. Exposure to calendars, letters, writing, creating books, weekly self-published newsletters, and group posters will emphasize the process of writing and encourage the joy of being able to read and write.

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Art and Music

The Arts are important aspects of the program. The art studio is open every day with a rotating choice of mediums for experimentation. Music opportunities will take the form of singing, dancing to music, opportunities to play their own instruments, as well as guest appearances from older students and professional music educators.

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Science Exploration

Children learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, feeling, and hearing. Exploring and questioning the world around them is an essential part of science exploration.  Although science and math are not taught as separate lessons, exploration of science themes and math skills are woven through out each week and incorporated into the art and literature of the instructor’s lesson plans.