Supporting Alliance Charter Academy

Supporting ACA

Supporting ACA through charitable gifts, event participation, and volunteer time all create the strong partnership we see between parents, families, and staff at ACA.  All families are expected to contribute in the following ways.  Below are three ways in which families can give to ACA:

1. Charitable Gift

Donations help support our school’s annual operating costs, facility improvements, training and staff development opportunities, etc.  Each year, the goal of this campaign will be 100% participation for all families.  Gifts of any size and from any source (family and relatives, neighbors and friends, employers and local businesses) are appreciated.  Visit the orange “Donate” tab on the Home Page.

2. Event Participation

ACA will hold three major fundraising events each year.  The events are:  The Auction (fall), a trip raffle or Family Bingo (winter), and the Jogathon (Spring).  The Annual Auction depends upon the generous donations of goods and services from you, as well as a strong volunteer base to make the event a success.  Please contact Lisa Coleman or Billie Neely to contribute your time, ideas, auction items, and support.

3. Time

The ACA community is unique in that many families are on-site most of the day, creating a unique opportunity for families to give back.  Whether it be joining a committee, volunteering in a classroom, or helping to keep ACA grounds up and running, your time is important to us.  The donation of your time to ACA strengthens our partnership and enables different skills, abilities, and interests of our parent community to be shared with the school and its students.  Please consider volunteering:

  • in the classroom (contact the teacher to ensure help is needed)
  • during our 3 major fundraising events
  • helping to mow, weed, cut shrubs, and maintain school grounds
  • helping clean the school on a weekly basis (pick a classroom and clean weekly, etc.)
  • volunteering your time at music and drama performances