Volunteer Information

We are delighted that you are a part of the Alliance Charter Academy family!

Whether you have been here a while or are just getting started at ACA you are a valuable part of the living, vital heart of our great school. Besides filling necessary roles, volunteering at school offers our students and ourselves the chance to feel engaged in this great community. Volunteering is a great way to make connection with other families and make friends! Students will also have a chance to work on skills of responsibility and accountability.

Each family at ACA is asked to volunteer 30 hours each school year. These hours are necessary to enhance our students’ education and community experience at ACA, and are vital to our program. Volunteers fill a vital role in our school, helping to support staff, raise money, keep our school safe and clean and enhancing our community experience.  All our efforts help to keep school budget costs down, enabling our budget to be spent on our student allotments and keeping our classroom sizes small.

We ask each family to sign up for a job or a few jobs that will help to fill areas of need in our school.  We have jobs divided into 4 area.

Jobs that Keep Our School Safe and Clean,  Such as: Cleaning handrails, sign-in desk, sweeping

Jobs that Help to Support our Staff,  Such as: T.A., copying, Donate 2 Educate, tidying copy area

Jobs that Help to Raise Funds,  Such as: Snack shack, Pizza, Soup, Scrip

 Jobs that Help to Build Community,  Such as: Harvest Party, Field Day, Chaperoning at dances

You are welcome to sign up for jobs in all areas if you would like, or stick with one area that works the best for your family’s time and talents.

Available job listings are available via Help Counter or by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Westover.

Thank you for being part of our ACA family, for supporting our school, and for contributing to the ongoing support that helps our children thrive!

Please Contact Carla Calhoun or Lisa Coleman with any questions you may have.